From lot to beer garden.

Our Story: 'A Family Affair'

Pentridge Station was not always the outdoor oasis that you see today. Before 2017, people used the previously overgrown lot as a place to dump trash. As West Philly natives, we had our own vision for the space. We saw the potential for a collaborative venue, a community hub, and a beer garden where our friends and neighbors could gather and share their creative endeavors. If we wanted to achieve our goal, we needed to perform a major transformation of the lot.

Our family quickly got to work. Ephream contacted his network of musicians and DJs that he had developed through years of organizing entertainment at Dahlak. Jocelyn formed new relationships with an array of local food vendors. Uncle Rob constructed the bar and the covered wooden structures. Together, we added the finishing touches that give Pentridge Station its unique feel. We paid local artists to paint our walls, we added lawn games and a stage, and we used resourceful means to decorate.

After opening in 2017, we have continued to grow and adapt. Now, depending on the night, you can find anything from jazzy ensemble and delicious vegan cheesesteak, to fresh fried escovitch fish and a DJ's danceable beat. Also, we now offer affordable event booking to match the increased demand for outdoor venues. Read on to learn more about our history.


June 23, 2017

We started with a bang and haven't looked back since. With features in publications such as Billy Penn, the Inquirer, and EATER Philadelphia, check out our press section to learn more.

September 29, 2018

The 'Rastafarian Meets The Hood' event was a cultural awareness and community engagement project hosted by Organic Soul Philly. With a variety of vendors, speakers, and performances, the event was fun for the whole family. We offer a variety of exciting, educational, and family-friendly events and are always interested in hosting a new one. Do you have a public event that you want to host at Pentridge Station? Please reach out!


We hosted a monthly flea market with live music featuring artists and merchants from the neighborhood. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook to stay up to date with all our events!


Although we were closed during quarantine, Kristen from Lunaria Gardens began growing flowers at Pentridge Station. Kristen designs and sells floral arrangements for weddings and other events. We feel lucky to have Kristen add beauty to our outdoor space, and her flower arrangements would look great at your next event (which you can host here at Pentridge Station!).


Now more than ever there is a need for beautiful outdoor spaces to host your private event. With a full bar, a stage, speakers, bathrooms, and other amenities at Pentridge Station, you should consider us for your next private event.

Thank you for learning more about us. Our story isn't over yet and we want you be a part of it. If you want to host a public event please reach out, and if you are interested in hosting a private event please rent the space.

Have any questions? Please contact us!